Beauty is in the Eyelashes of the Beholder

Have you ever tried eyelash extensions? They can be a girl’s best friend.  Imagine waking up every morning with gorgeous long, dark, thick lashes.  Think movie stars who wake up looking glam in films, and you’re thinking, “Yeah right! Who sleeps in a full face of make-up?”

I have had eyelash extensions in the past.  You can get them virtually anywhere these days.  My first foray was at Spa Belles on Sullivan and Spring, where I normally get my nails done.  They did an absolutely horrible job.  The lashes fell off, looked horrible, cost a lot.


I went to Skintology on Seventh Avenue for over a year.  There were three eyelash extension women there, and I tried them all.  They did a relatively okay job, but a full set took three and a half hours, which was excruciating, literally.  Not only was it painfully boring, but the back of my head would ache from lying on the table for so long, and my eyes would sting horribly.  The results were pretty good at first, but after a while they started to look clumpy and bent and the glue would appear around my lashes all the time.  I was always fretting about them.  I was going for touch-ups every two weeks.  My real eyelashes seemed to be falling out and getting damaged, and I finally decided to give it a rest.


Latisse.  I have been using Latisse for about two years now.  You need a prescription for it and it is about $120 for a supply that lasts a couple of months.  You paint it onto the tops of your eyelashes before bed every night.  There are a lot of potential side effects, but I really didn’t experience any of them, and my eyelashes do seem to have gotten thicker and longer.  However, I still have to wear mascara every day, and the results are not fabulous.

The other night a friend of mine came by our little Super Bowl party and her eyelashes looked gorgeous.  Another friend asked her if she gets extensions, and she said “yes”.  I remembered that her eyelashes always look gorgeous. 

“Who does your eyelash extensions?” I asked her.

“Cheri, at Lash Boutique.  She’s the owner.”

Yesterday I paid a visit to Cheri at Lash Boutique.  She is fantastic! The same full set of lashes that used to take me three and a half hours took her less than an hour and a half.  My eyelashes look natural and gorgeous.  I went out last night and received several compliments, even some from people who I would never imagine would notice eyelashes.  I woke up today looking like I was wearing mascara on long, thick, beautiful eyelashes. 

Forget botox.  Forget getting your eyes done.  Put off the face lift.  Just go see Cheri. Don’t cheap out and go to just anybody.  Do your research.  You can ruin your eyelashes if you use the wrong person, the wrong glue, or the wrong type of lashes.  Cheri used Extreme Lashes, and swears by them.

If you want stunning eyelashes, visit Cheri.  You will love her!

Going to take a bike ride with my new lashes now.  If you see someone riding downtown with beautiful eyelashes it’s probably me. 

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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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