“Portlandia” – The Next “Must See” T.V.

I don’t always agree with my 17-year old daughter’s taste in television, but her new favorite is “Portlandia” and it’s terrific.  It is actually laugh out loud funny.

You can find it on IFC.  We watched a bit today on IFC on Demand if you have that.  The show takes place in Portland, Oregon (not a big surprise I guess based on the title).  It consists of mini-skits, and the two central characters play multiple parts (like Tracy Ullman used to).  They are played by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.  Not only do they act, but they wrote and co-created the series, which is truly great.

The cast doesn’t end there.  There are lots of other characters, played by a variety of actors, including Kyle MacLachlan, Jeffrey Goldblum, and many others that you will recognize.

It’s always so nice to find some “free” entertainment, and this is my recommendation for the day.



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