Good Morning Daffodils

I haven’t posted in over six months. 

I also haven’t run outdoors in the city for over six months.

And, believe it or not, I haven’t had a drink in over six months!

This morning I decided to risk a run up the Hudson River, my favorite running spot during the warm months.  I couldn’t help but think about the Boston marathon this past Monday as I ran.  As I looked towards the Freedom Tower, still not complete after eleven years, I still remembered the terror of that day, eleven and a half years ago, that changed so many of our lives forever.  The skyline of Manhattan will never be the same without the Twin Towers standing proudly on the southern end of our island, and for me, marking the spot very close to the home where I have raised my children.

And now Boston… certainly the magnitude of what happened can’t be compared to our 9/11, but it was still a terrible act of hatred and violence, killing three people and forever maiming others.  As a former marathoner, I was particularly struck by the news early Monday afternoon when my husband called to tell me that two bombs had gone off near the finish line in Boston.  I know how special running a marathon is, the months and months of training and discipline, the hours spent getting in our best running form.  Imagine going out to run in Boston on Monday, or standing by the finish line, cheering on the tens of thousands of top runners who were out there doing their very best.  Imagine the shock and anguish when bombs went off, knocking runners to the ground, injuring over twenty people so badly (and intentionally) with shrapnel that their limbs had to be removed.  Imagine living the rest of your life without a leg because you chose to celebrate athletic excellence.

Even more than Boston, I have spent the past several days thinking about how acts like this, and worse, occur all over the world every single day.  It is always when it is closer to home that it really seems to impact many of us, but we need to think of all of the other people who lose their lives or their loved ones every single day.

I was happy to be outside this morning, running along the Hudson River.  The daffodils were in full bloom.  Daffodils represent two things to me: Spring, and brightness.  This past winter in New York City was pretty long and pretty cold and pretty relentless, but spring poked its head out this morning, along with the daffodils, so I grabbed it while I could.

I hope you can grab some today too.

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What Are You Reading?

You may have noticed that I have stopped posting on this blog.  Why, you may be wondering? Well, when I realized that the posts that were getting the most attention under my blog were about Stacy Kessler, Bethenney Frankel, and anorexia, I decided to hang up my keyboard.  I am onward and upward to greater things.

For those of you who have been dedicated readers, I thank you. 

Happy 2013! As my beautiful yoga teacher Elizabeth Rossa told us this morning, “Welcome to your teens.” May you be blessed with love, happiness, health and prosperity.


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Voyager 1 Reaches the Edge of Our Solar System

Did you know that we launched a satellite called Voyager 1 in 1977? It has finally reached the edge of our solar system.  It only took 35 years.  It only travelled 11 billion miles.  Soon it will be the first satellite to actually leave our solar system.

It is mind blowing to think that this space satellite has the techology to send us photos and videos from 11 billion miles away, and more  It is expected to continue its journey until 2030, though there are worries that its battery power is running low and we may need to shut things off on Voyager 1 as soon as 2020.

Just think: in 1977 we didn’t have cell phones.  We didn’t have the internet.  Yet, humans were able to create and launch a satellite such as this.  It is pretty incredible.

Since my early childhood I have imagined “life” outside of Earth.  I used to think that there was another planet someone with humans or other life froms.  After all, why should we be the only planet that has life? Earth is but a speck, as this journey confirms.  And if Earth is a speck, what does that make each of us?

I am excited to hear what the Voyager 1 continues to learn as it breaks through our solar system, though it seems unlikely that we will be living outside of our solar system in my lifetime.  Keep things in perspective people.  It is not all about us after all.

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Surrender Lindsay

How many times can Lindsay Lohan get arrested before she really gets some help? This poor young woman has been in and out of jail, courtrooms and rehabs for years and years, yet it seems that her problems are only intensifying.

Last night (or really this morning, since it was just about three hours ago, at 4:00 a.m.), Ms. Lohan was arrested after getting into a physical fight with another woman at Club Avenue in New York City.  What do I mean when I say physical fight? Lohan punched the other woman in the face. 

Cat fight.

The good news is that last night Lohan was actually the passenger in the car she was leaving the club with when she was arrested.  Normally, as you probably know, she is the driver.  In fact, she is also going back to court to face the judge again because she lied to police recently and said that she was a passenger in a Porsche during a car crash in Los Angeles when she was, in fact, the driver.  She has also recently been arrested for other fights (with strangers and family members), for other car accidents (seems she loves to repeatedly flee from her crime scenes), drunken driving many times, and for stealing.

Big surprise.

My husband and I always marvel that she does not have a driver to take her to and from her clubbing and partying spots, so I am happy that she had the sense not to drive this time.  You would think she could afford a taxi if not a chauffeur.

Doesn’t anybody care about Lindsay Lohan? If there is one single person out there who does, please get this young lady some help! She is desperate for treatment.  I cannot tell you what kind of help she needs, but she needs something before she ends up in jail for a very long time, or even worse, dead. 

Lindsay Lohan has been to five different rehab facilities already:


Betty Ford,


Wonderland, and

UCLA Medical Center.

I think her longest stint was for three months, at Betty Ford.  She continues to fail drug tests while on probation.  She continues all of this nonsense.  And, it is all in the news, all the time.  Where is the missing piece of this puzzle? Lohan needs long-term care.  She needs therapy.  She needs to learn how to live in the real world without being front page news every month (unless it is for starring in a movie).  She should not be going to clubs.  She should be supervised and driven around all the time.  She should not be going in and out of rehabs so quickly.  Clearly she is crying out for help.

Somebody help her please.

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Time For Some New Tunes

I haven’t made any music recommendations in quite some time, so I have five today.  They have been accumulating in my “Music” note on my I-phone, and today I am releasing them!

Here they are:

“Silver and Cold” by AFI,

Grouplove’s “Tongue Tied”,

“Carry On” by fun.,

Gotye, “Easy Way Out”, and last (and the best by far in my opinion)…

“Default” by Django Django (love it, love it, love it!).

I am going to the gym now for a long work out, and I am going to listen to these new           I-tunes purchases over and over, just like I did as a teenager when I bought a new album.  Question: Am I the only person on the planet who still pays for music? I have posed this question before but nobody answered.  Any opinions? Anyone out there, or am I just writing to myself?

Take a listen.  I hope you like these as much as I do.



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Must See Movie: “Life of Pi”

My daughter, my son and I have all read the novel “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel.  It is hard to believe that I read this book over ten years ago.  My son was asking me some questions about it the other day and I could not remember the details.  Wonder why?

All three of us were excited when we saw the trailers for the movie version, and we trekked up to Kips Bay on Saturday to see it.  My daughter and I did not want to see it in 3-D (headaches, uncomfortable glasses that fall off, infantile), my son was vying for 3-D, but two out of three ruled and we went to the 2-D version.

Pi is a remarkable boy, who grows up in French India in a family with a dad who is an Atheist and a mom who is Hindu.  He grabs onto Hindu beliefs immediately, but is then intrigued by Jesus Christ and grabs onto him and his truths next, followed by Buddhist beliefs.

How can you practice so many religions simultaneously? his father asks him.  This after stating how truly delicious the meat on his dinner plate is, while Pi, his brother, and his mom all eat their daily vegetarian fare.  But Pi is unfazed.  The more Gods the better for him, the more religions the better.  This is a young boy/man who is open to religion and spirituality  in multiple forms, a child who is an old soul even at a very young age.

The story of the shipwreck that Pi and his family encounter and Pi’s journey on a life boat with only a deadly Bengal tiger for company is intriguing, colorful, and completely mesmerizing.  The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous.  The skies, the seas, the wild life that Pi encounters are vivid and beautifully shot.  You will feel like you are there with him.

And that was in 2-D! I hate to admit it, but I really want to go back and see it in 3-D immediately.  I never see a movie twice in quick succession, but this will be a definite exception.  During many scenes I was craving the 3-D version, realizing just how much more vivid and beautiful it would be with the extra dimension.  My son was right (are you reading this son? Of course not, he would reply if he was reading this.  You know I don’t read your blog).

Suggestion: can somebody make a more comfortable, better fitting pair of 3-D glasses? My husband has never seen a 3-D movie (kind of amazing and sad at the same time) because he wears glasses and does not know how the 3-D pair would work with his other pair.  Does anybody know? I really want him to see this movie with me.

See “Life of Pi”.  It is unlike anything else.  It is inspiring.  It is beautiful, poignant, happy and sad.  It is all that a movie should be.

We gave it three thumbs up.

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Happy “Thanks”giving

Every year I make sure to say “thanks” on Thanksgiving.  I try to write a gratitude list several times a year, but on this day in particular I am steadfast about it.  At dinner we always go around the table and everybody says something that he or she is grateful for.  Today will be no exception.

Here is my gratitude list for today:

1. I am grateful that my daughter is home from college and that my husband, son and daughter all slept under the same roof (the one we call home) last night.

2. I am grateful to have a wonderful husband who is my best friend, lover, confidante, and loyal companion.  I love you honey! It took me a while to find Mr. Right but I am so grateful to be with you and I look forward to every single day with you, and to growing older and older and older together.

3. I am grateful that I have two fantastic and healthy children, whom I love more than life itself.  Children (I know you hate when I call you that), I am so proud of both of you, and watching you grow into such beautiful, intelligent and interesting young adults is a great joy for me to behold.

4.  I am grateful for my family of origin, and I am crazy in love with my gorgeous father.  Daddy, I miss you terribly today.  Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday to share with our family, and Mom’s cooking was especially delicious each year (especially her stuffing!).  I wish we were sharing some turkey and pumpkin pie together, but I am looking forward to visiting you in the not too distant future.

Brothers, big and small (or perhaps I should say older and younger) you are both very dear to me and I wish you both a wonderful day today.  I hope we can all gather as a family again sooner rather than later.

5. I am grateful for my husband’s family.  I adore and love his parents dearly.  I am lucky to have a wonderful sister-in-law, replete with great husband and two fabulous sons.  Also, thank you for living nearby!!!

6. I am grateful for my sister-in-law in L.A. too! She is a doll.  I wish we could see each other more often.

7. I am grateful for my friends, old and new.   All of you.  Thank you for being in my life and letting me be in yours.

8. I am grateful to have a beautiful home in Soho and another in Delray Beach.  I am grateful to have the means to work hard and provide a good life for myself and my children.  I am grateful to have a new convertible! I am grateful to be warm and fed and clothed.  (I know, these are material things, but they do help if the other things are in place.)

9. I am grateful that I have had the ability to stop drinking for forty-two days now (yep… that is six weeks today!).  My days are longer and brighter, my mind clearer, my life more productive.  I know this will come of a shock to all of my drinking buddies, but I am actually loving my Pellegrino with a lemon wedge more than I was a big fat full-bodied glass of red wine.  My past efforts to take a break from alcohol never lasted beyond two days, so this is truly a mini-miracle for me.

And now I will stop.  Think about what you are thankful for today.  Maybe ask your family to share their gratitude around your table today.  Sometimes taking a moment to think about it really makes a difference, as does saying it aloud.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends.  Gobble gobble.

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“Skyfall” Review

My husband and I saw “Skyfall” last night.  It was pretty good.  We definitely did not think it was the best Bond ever, but it also was not the worst.

Daniel Craig as Bond? No thanks.  Sean Connery was heaven as Bond, James Bond.  Roger Moore was pretty good too.  Having a gay Bond (gay in real life that is) is a stretch for me, and I am far from homophobic.   Mr. Craig is getting on in years and I am hoping that they turn him in for a younger, hotter, and more virile version.


Adele’s song.  It is beautiful.  Her voice is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard;

Javier Bardem’s entire performance.  He was chilling and acted to perfection.  Can you win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Bond movie? If so, bring it on;

The underwater scenes, as always; and

Some very cool cinematography.

Low Points:

Introducing Ralph Fiennes.  Go away! You are no good in this role and boring to boot;

The women were not as sexy as usual;

Duration.  Sorry, but no Bond movie needs to be two hours and twenty-three minutes; and

A lot of the action scenes were pretty contrived and the special effects were less than stellar.

Okay, okay.  I know what you are thinking (I think).  What do you expect from a James Bond movie? This is not film-making at its deepest.  So I will relax and tell you that it is a fun, action-filled movie, though a bit too long.  As a diehard Bond fan I would not have missed it and neither should you.  It might be more fun in IMAX.

See it.

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Songs After Sandy

Okay.  Off to Florida this afternoon for the weekend.  Had to buy a few new songs to put on my I-Pod for my long runs, in shorts for the first time in quite a while!

Here you go:

“Sister” and “Lonely Boy”, both by the Black Keys,

“All These Things I’ve Done” by The Killers, and

“Til the Casket Drops” by ZZ Ward (love this one!!!).

Check them out.  The ZZ Ward song is especially good for cardio.  I will be singing these out loud and very loud and off key (much to my husband’s chagrin), running by the ocean early tomorrow morning.

Smile if you see me.


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Happy Birthday Mommy. We Miss You.

Today is my mom’s birthday.  She would have been seventy-six years old today.  My mom died three years ago, just after her seventy-third birthday, way too soon.

Mommy, I miss you.  I hope you are in a better place. 

I hope you are:

Playing slot machines and Pai Gow Poker,

Smoking lots of cigarettes,

Drinking your wine or your cosmos,

Wearing your beautiful diamond ring,

Carrying a Chanel bag,

Wearing your big black sunglasses,

Wearing a gorgeous suit from Escada and showing off those always perfect legs,

Doing the New York Times crossword puzzle in ink every day, without a dictionary,

Playing solitaire and Scrabble,

Making people laugh with your crazy sense of humor,

Breathing easily,

Laughing freely.

Mommy, I miss you every single day.  We all do.  Rest in peace beautiful.  We will always have you in our hearts and in our minds.


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