Surrender Lindsay

How many times can Lindsay Lohan get arrested before she really gets some help? This poor young woman has been in and out of jail, courtrooms and rehabs for years and years, yet it seems that her problems are only intensifying.

Last night (or really this morning, since it was just about three hours ago, at 4:00 a.m.), Ms. Lohan was arrested after getting into a physical fight with another woman at Club Avenue in New York City.  What do I mean when I say physical fight? Lohan punched the other woman in the face. 

Cat fight.

The good news is that last night Lohan was actually the passenger in the car she was leaving the club with when she was arrested.  Normally, as you probably know, she is the driver.  In fact, she is also going back to court to face the judge again because she lied to police recently and said that she was a passenger in a Porsche during a car crash in Los Angeles when she was, in fact, the driver.  She has also recently been arrested for other fights (with strangers and family members), for other car accidents (seems she loves to repeatedly flee from her crime scenes), drunken driving many times, and for stealing.

Big surprise.

My husband and I always marvel that she does not have a driver to take her to and from her clubbing and partying spots, so I am happy that she had the sense not to drive this time.  You would think she could afford a taxi if not a chauffeur.

Doesn’t anybody care about Lindsay Lohan? If there is one single person out there who does, please get this young lady some help! She is desperate for treatment.  I cannot tell you what kind of help she needs, but she needs something before she ends up in jail for a very long time, or even worse, dead. 

Lindsay Lohan has been to five different rehab facilities already:


Betty Ford,


Wonderland, and

UCLA Medical Center.

I think her longest stint was for three months, at Betty Ford.  She continues to fail drug tests while on probation.  She continues all of this nonsense.  And, it is all in the news, all the time.  Where is the missing piece of this puzzle? Lohan needs long-term care.  She needs therapy.  She needs to learn how to live in the real world without being front page news every month (unless it is for starring in a movie).  She should not be going to clubs.  She should be supervised and driven around all the time.  She should not be going in and out of rehabs so quickly.  Clearly she is crying out for help.

Somebody help her please.

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