“Skyfall” Review

My husband and I saw “Skyfall” last night.  It was pretty good.  We definitely did not think it was the best Bond ever, but it also was not the worst.

Daniel Craig as Bond? No thanks.  Sean Connery was heaven as Bond, James Bond.  Roger Moore was pretty good too.  Having a gay Bond (gay in real life that is) is a stretch for me, and I am far from homophobic.   Mr. Craig is getting on in years and I am hoping that they turn him in for a younger, hotter, and more virile version.


Adele’s song.  It is beautiful.  Her voice is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard;

Javier Bardem’s entire performance.  He was chilling and acted to perfection.  Can you win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Bond movie? If so, bring it on;

The underwater scenes, as always; and

Some very cool cinematography.

Low Points:

Introducing Ralph Fiennes.  Go away! You are no good in this role and boring to boot;

The women were not as sexy as usual;

Duration.  Sorry, but no Bond movie needs to be two hours and twenty-three minutes; and

A lot of the action scenes were pretty contrived and the special effects were less than stellar.

Okay, okay.  I know what you are thinking (I think).  What do you expect from a James Bond movie? This is not film-making at its deepest.  So I will relax and tell you that it is a fun, action-filled movie, though a bit too long.  As a diehard Bond fan I would not have missed it and neither should you.  It might be more fun in IMAX.

See it.


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1 Response to “Skyfall” Review

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review Mallory. Skyfall was the most awaited and hyped flick of the year for sure and the director does not disappoint its audience in any way. It’s not the best Bond film of all-time, but it’s a very good one and that’s all that matters.

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