Three Movie Reviews: A Yes, A No, and A Maybe

My gorgeous husband and I have seen three movies together recently.  One was great.  One should have never been made.  The third was okay.

The movies were “Paperboy”, “The Sessions”, and “Argo”.  Want to guess which were the good, the bad, and the so-so? 

Okay.  Your time is up.

“Paperboy” was among the worst movies I have ever seen, despite the fact that Nicole Kidman gives a fantastic performance.  She plays an aging beauty who spends her time writing to Death Row inmates.  She falls in love with one of these men (played by John Cusack — also a very strong, but disturbing as anything, performance), and the crazy sickness really begins.  

I was so disgusted by this movie that I actually wanted to leave the theatre about twenty minutes before it ended.  I would have left if I was alone, but my husband was with me, and sometimes he likes these sick things.  

Matthew McConaughey is another central player, proving once again that he is willing to play a truly horrific role (why is the question here).  

The great? “Argo”.  It is based on a true story, which I always like.  In fact, if “Paperboy” had been based on truth I would probably have been okay tolerating it.  I just could not deal with the fact that somebody would fabricate a story so truly demented.

But, back to “Argo”.  Ben Affleck is amazing, really.  This film is about Iran Revolution which started when Irani’s took over the American Embassy there, capturing sixty-six Americans and taking them as prisoners of war.  Six of the sixty-six escape and find refuge at the Canadian Ambassador’s home, and Affleck (playing a CIA agent) is brought in to try and save them.

“Argo” is great, despite the lukewarm previews that I watched beforehand.  I learned from it, and we were entertained by it.  If you are looking for a movie to see before Hurricane Sandy hits later today, this should be a consideration for sure.

And finally, the so-so.  We saw “The Sessions” yesterday.  This film too is based on a true story, this time the story of Mark O’Brien, who suffered from polio as a young boy and now lives most of his life inside an Iron Lung.  John Hawkes give a brilliant performance as O’Brien, a highly religious man who earns his living writing articles and poetry and who wants to experience love and sex.  With the guidance of his priest, played by William Macy, he hires a sex surrogate, played beautifully by the rarely seen Helen Hunt.

“The Sessions” is interesting and extremely well acted.  It is sad and poignant.  It is definitely not a must see movie.  I recommend waiting for it to hit your television screen, but if you really want to sit back in a movie theatre (the bedbug threat notwithstanding) and dig into a big tub of popcorn, it is not a terrible choice.

Two thumbs up for “Argo”.  No thumbs up for “Paperboy” (one down, and the other sideways).  Two thumbs sideways for “The Sessions”.  It’s your money folks.  I am just providing my humble suggestions.



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