Barry’s Boot Camp – First Class

My husband and I checked out Barry’s Boot Camp early this morning in Tribeca.  It opened recently, and I heard about it from our trainer Friday.  I have heard of Barry’s Boot Camp before from my friend Felicia who lives in L.A.  It kicks her butt, and that is what I was looking for today.

“Let’s just go down to the gym and run on the treadmill,” my husband said when I suggested that we try a class together this morning.

Ugh, I thought.  I am so sick of that gym and those treadmills already, and it is still October.  How am I going to make it until April?

“Please?” I begged nicely, and off we went on our bicycles.

The studio is high-tech and beautiful.  They have treadmills like I have never seen before.  They look like they are out of a futuristic space movie.  The lighting is dark and sexy and takes years off of your face, which I loved of course.  The music is loud and good.

The class kicked my butt, literally.  Fast running, endurance running, running on inclines.  Squats and lunges and push-ups galore, with weights and medicine balls.  You never have a second to catch your breath (reminded me of my early days last year at Physique 57, when I considered sneaking out quietly in the middle of many a class that I attended.

The class started at 8:45.  At 9:15, completely spent, I looked at the clock.  Oh no, I thought.  How can I possibly do this for another thirty minutes? And guess what happened then? We went back onto the treadmills, for faster running and higher inclines.

I had purchased two single classes before we left home.

“If you buy a series before you leave,” the guy at the desk told us when we arrived “you get $2 off of each of your classes for today and a free class.”

The class was torture.  It was painful.  I was sweaty and exhausted as I left the class.  So what did I do?

I bought  a series! See you there.  It’s awesome.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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