Thank You for Singing Today Cari Friedman

Cari Friedman filled in for Elizabeth Rossa today at Shri.  Elizabeth is off doing other wonderful teachings and Cari was kind enough to fill in for her.

I love Cari.  She was one of my favorite teachers back in the old Shri Yoga days when I first began practicing.  She went off to do other things…

Get married,

Have two daughters,

Teach in Brooklyn,

and I’m sure a lot of other stuff that I am not privy to.

In addition to being a fabulous yoga instructor, Cari Friedman has one of the most beautiful singing voices that I have ever had the good fortune of hearing.  Back in our prior yoga days together, Cari would grace us with a song now and again.  I don’t believe in angels, but if there were angels, this is how I imagine they would sing.

When I signed up for Cari’s class this morning I was hoping for a song.  Actually, I was almost praying for a song.

“Cari,” I said aloud, mid-class, “would you sing for us today?”

“I was planning to,” she responded, much to my delight.  Apparently she hasn’t sung in a while and her favorite singing instrument (something bronze and very yogic looking) lives at Shri, so she had been inspired by that.

And sing she did.  Like an angel.  She is so blessed to have a voice like this.  If I could sing I would never stop.  It was beautiful.  It was magical.

Thank You for Singing Today Cari Friedman.

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