Crosby, Stills & Nash at The Beacon

Wow.  It’s hard to believe how old these guys are when you’re watching them and listening to them.  Graham Nash celebrated his seventieth birthday in Hawaii recently.  He’s still performing barefoot every night, and dancing like a kid.  He’s so cute.  David Crosby’s voice is magical, and he hit a note last night that was not to be believed, really.  And Stephen Stills plays the guitar like nobody’s business.

Best song of the night last night? I say “Winchester Cathedral”, with Graham at the keyboards, bathed in red light, the rest of the stage black, like a backdrop from a horror film.  My husband says it was written by Graham when he was on an acid trip.  I don’t know about that, but I believe my husband.  I was struck by the “realness” of it all, the seeming clarity and sobriety.  Maybe that’s LSD for you, clarifying things in a new way.  Personally, I prefer it drug free.  It is such an awesome song.  I’m listening to it all day, from every single show I can find. 

“Seven o’clock

In the morning, here it comes

I taste the warning and I am so amazed

I’m here today, seeing things so clear this way

In the car and on my way…”

We hung out backstage after the show, talking to Graham Nash (THE coolest), his wife, David Crosby’s wife Jenny (think Guinnevere, which he performed for her last night for the thirty-fifth straight year), and Stephen Stills, one of the top one hundred guitarists in the world.

They are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  They are just real peeps who happen to be incredible musicians.  And, if you want to feel young, go to The Beacon before their last show on Monday night.  Last night was their seventy-ninth show of this tour.  They can’t wait to go home after Monday.  I don’t blame them, but I will miss them.

Until next year.


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