Movie Review: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

This movie is great.  I saw it with my sixteen-year old son and we both thought it was terrific.  We give it two thumbs up.  You have to see it, and if you have a teenager you should go together.

Ezra Miller is brilliant as Patrick, the high school senior who can’t seem to pass Shop class, but must in order to graduate.  He was chilling in “We Have to Talk About Kevin”, but here he plays a much lighter (though still deep) character.  He should definitely be up for an Oscar for this flawless performance.  I want to see more of him.

Emma Watson is absolutely beautiful as Sam, a Senior with a dark past that has tainted her ability to find the right boyfriend and her chances of getting into college.  She is a character with a deep heart, and she is completely believable and lovable.

And then there’s the central character, Charlie, played by Logan Lerman.  Charlie is a freshman who also has a dark past (way too dark for such a young person) and no friends at all.  He is a piranha at his high school, sitting alone at lunch, being shunned by his own sister and his old friends.  When Charlie is befriended by Sam and Patrick his bleak life becomes a lot brighter, and it is wonderful to watch him blossom under the blanket of their acceptance.

See this movie, I tell you.  It will make you cry, and probably more than once.  It is not just a teen movie.  It is a real teen movie, exploring family histories, and relationships, and the complexities of being a child.  This film takes place in 2004.  I shudder to compare it to 2012 while my children are growing up, where this planet seems to be getting more and more twisted and complicated.


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