Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Happy birthday Daddy! It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed since we all celebrated your 80th birthday together.  You were so gorgeous and lovely that night, and I will never forget the heartwarming speech that you made, bringing tears to your eyes, and mine.  Those tears reminded me of a couple of other times:

When you said goodbye to me the first time I left for Europe alone (I was sixteen), and

When you walked me down the aisle, the first time.

I made it home from Europe (there were a few close calls, believe me!), and I’m happily settled and married (finally!), so now you can smile for me (no need for teary eyes now).

Today you’re eighty-one.  You told me that you don’t want to do “anything”.  But remember, Daddy, you have always told me to “enjoy each day to it’s fullest”.  Certainly an eighty-first birthday is an even bigger reason to “enjoy” this day than usual, though each day is a celebration in itself (especially as we get older).  Let Carol roll out the red carpets if she insists.  You are so lucky to have her and she is a true celebrater of special occasions, so be gracious and have fun!

I hope you received our gift.  I’m sure you won’t like it.  You never like my gifts, but you know that I try, year after year, to get it right, and I hope that counts for something.  It’s hard to buy the right thing for the man who has everything.

Daddy, I tried so hard to come to Vegas to see you today, but I just couldn’t make it happen.  Please know that I am there with you in spirit, celebrating with you. 

And again, please accept my apologies for making you eighty-one when you were a mere eighty years old.  I will try not to make that mistake again.

Happy birthday Daddy.  Enjoy your Pilates today and whatever else is in store for you.  I miss you and love you madly.





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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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