Eat Now, Then Atone

Eat early today and go to temple like a good Jew.  I am going.  Dinner is almost ready, though it seems like I just finished lunch.  I will be full in temple, satiated, tired.  I will sleep deeply tonight.

I will atone tonight and tomorrow.  I will try not to eat, but if I have to, I will eat and still atone internally, and in temple.

We have all sinned this year, of that I am sure.  We have:




Been less than perfect humans. 

We have not all necessarily done all of these things, but I’m sure that each of us can find something to atone for over the next twenty-four hours.  Think about it.  Think about what you did wrong this past year.  Think about how you can be better in the coming year.

We can:

Volunteer our time and money more generously to others who are less fortunate than we are,

Listen more carefully,

Hug longer,

Befriend new people,

Love more deeply,

Work harder,

Study more intensely,

Live more humbly, and with more verve.

Think for the next twenty-four hours, whether you are Jewish or not, whether you go into a temple or not.

Be better.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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