Movie Review: “Bachelorette”

Now On Demand for only $6.99 in HD (also just released in movie theatres if you are the tub of popcorn and large Diet Coke type), is a very funny little movie called “Bachelorette”. Think “Bridesmaids” only shorter and darker.

Kirsten Dunst is stunning as ever, playing the Maid of Honor to her high school friend “Pig Face” (nice nickname, right?). Her two sidekicks are played by Isla Fisherand Lizzy Kaplan.

Enter the men: Adam Scott and James Marsden, to name a few. They are gorgeous and loveable, even as they are rude and crude.

This movie is only seventy-three minutes! Normally I complain that movies are too long, and I wish that filmmakers would edit. In the case of “Bachelorette”, I wished that Lesley Headland had cut less, or filmed more, or a combination of the two.

Don’t confuse this movie with “The Bachelorette” – there are almost no similarities whatsoever. This is not a reality show. It is a very funny, and often disgusting, movie about four high school friends reuniting for a wedding and a bachelorette party (of sorts). If you have a sense of humor and a bit of a tough stomach, “Bachelorette” is not to be missed.

We give it two thumbs up (out of two).


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