Should Suicide Be Illegal?

Suicide is against the law. Did you know that? It seems a bit crazy to me, but it’s the truth. Think of Dr. Kevorkian. He was helping terminally ill people die and even that wasn’t allowed.

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about a very young and very beautiful young woman who had tried to kill herself? She took a bottle of pills, wrote “I’m sorry” on the wall of someone else’s gorgeous loft in Soho, and then slit both of her arms with a butcher knife, from her wrists up to her shoulders. She then climbed into bed beside her boyfriend and went to sleep.

She didn’t die. She fell onto the floor and he woke up and called 911. She was in the hospital for the mandatory suicide stay (never to exceed seventy-two hours, mind you).

And now where is she?

In heaven I hope, if there is a heaven.

She overdosed a few days ago. She died.

Should we let people out of the hospital like this when they are clearly in so much pain when they want to die? I think not. She was only twenty-four years old.

Keep them in the psychiatric ward until they are ready to live again. I know that my friend who tried (twice) to kill herself a few years ago is happy now to be alive. Didn’t this young woman have to right to live too? She will be missed by so many, and she has now missed out on what could have been the rest of her incredible life.

Ban suicide, please. Counsel. Medicate. Give people another chance.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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