Taylor Swift, Cradle Robber?

Taylor Swift is the American Dream.  She’s young.  She’s talented.  She’s famous.  She’s rich.  Rich in so many ways.  Just twenty two years old, she has catapulted to a level of fame that most never dare to dream of.

When it comes to men though, she is just another young woman, searching desperately for love, often in all the wrong places.  True, her heartbreaks make for incredible songs and lyrics, the kind usually heard by country singers… and Adele of course.  John Mayer? Please! All women should steer clear of him.  Isn’t that obvious by now? Just ask Jennifer Aniston, Taylor herself, or, most recently, Katy Perry.  He must be pretty good at something to be breaking all of these superstars’ hearts.  There were many others for Taylor, including Jake Gyllenhaal (what a gorgeous guy he is!), Joe Jonas (no comment), Zac Efron (again, I plead the fifth), and Taylor Lautner (wow — she really gets around for a young girl, no?).

Anyway, Taylor is now dating an eighteen year old Kennedy.  His name is Conor.  He’s adorable, but oh so very young.  Conor is still in high school and was only seventeen when they first became involved this summer (jailbait anybody?) Taylor Swift is obsessed with the Kennedy clan.  I guess you can buy stuff but you can’t buy heritage (unless you marry into it of course). Taylor Kennedy? Taylor Swift Kennedy? I like the way those sound.  Rumor has it that she just bought her very own house in Hyannis Port, right across the street from her new BFF Ethel Kennedy, for a measly $4.9 million dollars.

What does Conor say for himself? What do you think.  He reportedly stated that any heterosexual boy his age would die to date Taylor Swift.  He’s in teen heaven.  Go Conor! 

My prediction? Even Conor will break Taylor Swift’s heart.  She is too needy.  She needs to be okay on her own before she will find her match.  She is too vulnerable.  I’m looking forward to the new songs though.  I wonder if her friendship with Ethel will outlast her latest fling.

Remember though Taylor, if you can get him to the altar you can have that Kennedy name forever.  Maybe you can hire a private jet to pick him up from boarding school for the weekend and fly him out to Las Vegas, directly to an adorable wedding chapel.  I’m sure it can all be arranged.  Think about it sister.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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