Why I Can’t Stop Watching The Real Housewives of New York City

Yes, it has been the worst season ever and yet I can’t stop watching The Real Housewives of New York City.  My husband is hooked too, which makes it even more fun.  The women fight nonstop over nonsense.  They allow themselves to be shown in the worst possible light.  They screen their appointments with eyebrow pluckers and plastic surgeons.  They wear too little clothing.  They get completely drunk constantly.  They expose their completely inappropriate fathers to the world and to their friends.

I love it, even while I’m hating it!

Did you see the St. Barths episode? Had to have been the best one of the season so far.  I can’t wait for the second half to air.  LuAnn brings home a gross Johnny Depp lookalike at three a.m. and then lies about it blatantly.  Poor Jacques.  No wonder he has apparently dumped her! She is definitely a slut and a cheater, and worse than that, she allows the entire thing (other than the actual act… I guess the cameramen had already gone to sleep) to be filmed and then aired on television! This is supposedly a Countess with class? I think not.

Carole is, as always, the cool one.  She has her adorable Aerosmith boyfriend Russ over, and it is funny to watch his reaction to the other women, especially Ramona and Sonja, who have both clearly had way (and I mean way) too much to drink.  Carole looks adorable all the time (what a wardrobe!), and she stays out of all of the catty fighting.  Why she’s on this show bewilders me, unless she is trying to amass even more than the fifty million dollar fortune that she already has.  I know that I bought her book after seeing her, and I loved it!

I’m feeling sorry for Sonya.  She doesn’t seem to be dating anyone, and her toaster oven project is just so downright silly. 

Heather? I can’t stand her with her big phony smile and her constant criticisms of everyone else.  My guess is that she will be another one season housewife (at least I hope so!).

Ramona? Take her off already.  Yes, her butt looks amazing, but she is too confrontational and (I hate too say) too old.  I’m sure that Bravo likes the drama she causes, but I’m sure there are other women out there who could fill her shoes.

Aviva is adorable, replete with her raging anxieties and inability to leave her husband Reid.  She is gorgeous and the passion that she has for helping other amputees is interesting, charitable, and truly from the heart.  True, her father is completely awful, but her condo in Miami almost makes up for his perverse and inexcusable behavior (poor Sonja!).

Enough said.  It’s addictive.  I do love it, and I’m not embarrassed to admit it.



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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