Looking For Love? Turn Your Wireless Connection Off!

My husband flew down to Delray Beach on Friday night to see me. I had just flown in with my son after spending five days and nights in Las Vegas with my Dad (love you so much Daddy!).

As soon as we got home my husband did what he always does when he gets home…
He turned on the t.v.
Guess what?
No t.v.!
Guess what?
No interest connection!
Guess what?
Not my fault this time… he forgot to pay the bill, so he couldn’t be mad at me.

Haha. We had no internet or television until midday yesterday. As a result? We had the best time together that we have had in a very long time. He was attentive. He was romantic. He was available.

My son? He went to his aunt’s apartment to watch t.v. and use the computer, giving my gorgeous husband and I even more time alone together. It was amazing!

In less than two days we:

Rekindled love (not that we had lost it),
Ran together,
Bought and rode awesome bicycles,
Went to The Colony for yoga Sunday morning,
Had two dinners out (one with my son’s lovely aunt),
Played tennis,

What didn’t we do?
Watch t.v.,
Sit side by side but alone while he was on his computer doing work or watching television (sports and business news).

He’s coming back next Friday night. Does anyone have some cable clippers I can borrow?


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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