Rent This Movie! “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding”

If you want something light and precious, you must rent “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding”.  As we bond in these last few days before my lovely daughter leaves for her first year of college (yes, I am crying!), we watched this together earlier today and we both loved it.

Let’s start with the cast:

Catherine Keener – she is as gifted and talented as always.  You will love her, even as you sometimes hate her behavior.

Jane Fonda – still so gorgeous! She does overact a bit (almost painfully in one scene), but she is truly a one of a kind legend, and overall plays the role well.

Elizabeth Olsen – the return of the sister of Mary Kate and Ashley.  In this movie, she was not even recognizable as the young woman who so beautifully starred in “Martha Marcy May Marlene”, but you will love her just the same.  She is a truly gifted young actor.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan – sexy!

The list goes on, but I will stop here, with the exception of saying: what happened to Rosanna Arquette? Poor thing! She used to be the star, remember?

Anyway, the movie is about the usual: family, love, break-ups, new relationships, the end of relationships and the beginning of relationships.. It’s about growing up, and fighting, and then letting go (sounds a lot like life, right?)

Grace (played by Fonda), is a free-spirited woman, lives in Woodstock, still in the throes of the 1960’s peace and love movement.  Her daughter Diane (Keener) had broken their ties her twenty years earlier, feeling that their lifestyles and beliefs are just too great to allow for a relationship.  Now, however, after the break-up of her unhappy marriage, she finds herself driving up to see her mom, bringing her two almost grown children along (can you believe that the children have never met their grandmother before? Sooo sad!).  Diane is a very conservation New York City attorney who seems to have styled herself in direct opposition to her mother (sound familiar, women?).  Watching their relationship as they reunite is both painful and exhilirating.

Family is important, this movie tells us.  Don’t walk away.  Work on things.  Don’t just look on the surface.  Delve deeper.  Don’t judge too quickly.  Work if you must, but play hard (but with kindness please!).

I loved the movie.  So did my daughter.  I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I won’t, but we give it two thumbs up.  It’s well worth the $6.99, you can pop your own corn, and you won’t have to worry about getting bedbugs at the movie theatre.


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