Lose Weight Without Trying and Feel Good Doing It (Maybe)

This morning my husband and I went for an early run along the Hudson River. We wanted to beat the heat, and we have company coming over with a newborn baby, a child paying a 23 hour visit, laundry to do, and a lot more, so out we went.

It was early, but it wasn’t cool. There is no beating the heat today. What a difference a marathon makes, is all I can say. A year ago I would have been running for two hours this morning, maybe more, without feeling it. Not any more. Crazy how our bodies change so quickly, depending on our workout routines.

Anyway… I deviate…

If you want to lose weight today without really trying, take a run down by the Hudson River (or anywhere for that matter). You will perspire so much that you are certain to drop several pounds and at least one full clothing size. Stay hydrated, so the loss is not fake (and so that you don’t pass out). For fun, watch the other people who are suffering just as much as you are. Laugh to yourself if you actual pass someone. If someone passes you attribute it to their younger age. Oogle people who look amazing. Think about how much you can eat when you’re finished, since you will have burned so many calories that nothing is taboo today. Put on a pair of short shorts and some high heels (women or drag queens only) and strut your newly toned legs and butt and go find some delicious french fries or a turkey club sandwich with pickles.

Oh, and if you’re not a runner, take out your bike. Yesterday I rode around and I was almost as hot and sweaty from that as I was from my run today (and I wasn’t even riding for exercise, but rather as my preferred mode of transportation whenever possible).

Losing weight can be fun, believe me!

Oh… did I mention the endorphin high that I am still sporting? Usually it takes me about an hour and twenty minutes. Today? About four.

See you on the river.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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