Namaste Elizabeth

I did not enter my yoga class this morning with any particular expectations, other than easing the nagging pain that I have had in my lower back for the past two days.  Instead, I had a spiritual revelation of sorts, leaving the class in tears, but good tears I think, not bad ones.

Elizabeth, you have been so wonderful, and something in you has spoken to me over these past months and years in a way that nothing else has.  When we spoke after class you gave me a few exercises, which I am following now.

First, you told me to write a quick gratitude list — one of my favorite exercises (which I have not done recently of course) — write down ten things I’m grateful for:

1. Being alive (I think),

2. My children (that’s two, so I will now skip to number 4),

3. My husband, the best man I have ever met, for me.  May we grow together and be happy until a very very old but healthy and happy life,

4. Elizabeth, for making me do this and for making me think in a new way,

5. The beach and ocean, which I need desperately right now,

6. Sleep – one of my favorite activities,

7. The written word,

8. The sunset,

9. French fries, and

10. Newborn babies.

Then Elizabeth said to write down three little things that I can do for myself today that will make me happy.  Here goes:

1. Go to Elizabeth’s yoga class (ha ha, already finished!),

2. Eat some delicious food,

3. Buy a Powerball ticket.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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One Response to Namaste Elizabeth

  1. CLAUDIA says:

    Lovely lists! : )

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