Real LIfe Drama on Delray Beach

As my husband and I approached the beach in Delray early this afternoon we heard the lifeguard’s horn blaring.

“Wonder what’s going on?” I asked my husband.

“Maybe someone swam out too far,” he guessed.

As we walked towards the ocean we saw that everybody was out of the ocean, lining up on the shoreline.

“Shark?” I asked someone.

“Yes,” they confirmed. “There were sea turtles and some sharks attacked one of them. The turtle is hurt and coming this way and the authorities are afraid that they sharks are going to swim back to finish her off.”

Oh no! I love sea turtles. I am not alone in my love for sea turtles apparently. When the maimed turtle finally reached us, everybody was watching her, urging her to come ashore. Apparently she can’t be helped unless she makes her way in. She was a ways out and she looked hurt, or possibly even dead. Everyone was cheering for her to make her way to the sand.

Finally, a very brave (and good looking) surfer took his board out and brought her to shore. I ran down the beach to see what was happening. The poor little turtle (actually the poor very large turtle) was missing her entire tushy, and her organs were visible. Her back flippers were still intact, but they weren’t moving. She was holding on by a thread it seemed. We started a process of children going to get their cups and pails and buckets, and soon everybody was filling them up and then we were pouring the sea water onto the turtle to keep her hydrated. She seemed very happy to be covered in the warm saltwater, and her eyes filled with a bit more life.

Turtle rescue from Boca was called, and the turtle was taken away. I hope you live beautiful turtle. I hope you are able to return to the sea again and swim free. I don’t understand why sharks (three apparently) would attack you as you were going about your business, ready to lay your eggs. There are a lot of people on Delray Beach who are praying for you today.


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