The Real Housewives of NYC Are Back!

Why would you get rid of Jill or Kelly and keep Ramona? Ramona continues to lose it every time she appears on screen.  Does she not realize how bad she looks? Why would she continue to abuse herself this way? Surely she does not need the money.  Ramona looked like she was going to have a breakdown when her housekeeper and husband could not get the cork out of her Ramona Pinot Grigio quickly enough.  I thought she was going to break the top of the bottle off and then guzzle it out of the bottle.  She offended new housewife Heather Thomson over and over.  She fought with LuAnn and actually threatened to expose LuAnn’s children if the Countess did not stop asking her for an apology.  Ramona is out of control! How does her husband Mario stand it? He’s actually cute and seems really nice.

Let’s talk about the new housewives:

Carole Radziwell: love her! She is smart and really seems to have her act together.  She’s adorable and a writer and doesn’t seem like she will get herself mixed up in all of the fighting and drama.  She lost her husband to cancer and wrote a New York Times bestselling memoir about the experience, and now she’s writing a novel about a young widow getting back into the dating world.  She is the only housewife who doesn’t have any children, and she makes it clear immediately that too much “child talk” is boring for everyone, even those who do have their own.

Heather Thomson: she is a fashion maven and entrepreneur, and she is already into the drama big time, fighting with Ramona and then telling everyone all about it.  Watch out Heather.  Starting out on the wrong foot with Ramona is not a good thing.

Aviva Drescher: already a favorite.  She is 5’10” and blonde with a gorgeous body.  She is quick to show and tell everybody that she has a prosthetic leg.  She has four children, aged one to ten (one of the four belongs to her husband, but I love that she considers this child one of hers).  She has humor and class and everybody on the show seems to have slept with her ex-husband Harry, creating some tension.

I couldn’t wait for the season to begin and now I almost wish it hadn’t.  It’s horrible, but I have to watch it.  Know what I mean?


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