Finished the Grey Trilogy. Now What?

I tried to make them last.  I read the first and the second rapidly, unable to put them down (preferred number two to number one).  I had number three fired up on my kindle, but no.  I had to wait. 



I read a much more serious book, about a young woman who hasn’t seen her father in twenty years and then in search of him.  It was about homelessness, mental illness, family ties, family relationships, male/female relationships.  The book was entitled Outside the Lines, written by Amy Hatvany.  If you like this kind of family drama/mental illness story I recommend it.

Once I finished that though, Fifty Shades Grey was beckoning.

“Read me.  Read me”, it whispered to me whenever I thought about starting my book for my new book club.  Yes, I know books don’t really whisper, but I just couldn’t wait.

I’ll just read a little, I told myself, and then I’ll start Unorthodox, my first book club read.  After all, as one of the people founding the book club I have to finish it before our first meeting, don’t you think? But how could I want to read a memoir by a Hassidic Jew (Deborah Feldman… nice Jewish name, no?) who spurns her faith when Ana and Christian were waiting for me?

I started book three.  It didn’t disappoint, just like Ana never fails to disappoint Christian, no matter how they fight.

Fight and make up.  Fight and make up.  Lots of make up sex.  Lots of drama.  Very unrealistic.  More sex than is believable.  More disasters per book than are feasible.  Who cares? These books are delicious for the mine and the imagination.  Have your lover pick up a copy or read some to him or her if your sex life needs some spicing up.  Christian really knows how to please a woman, that’s for sure.

I did start Unorthodox in between, but I must admit that I am only a quarter of the way through.  It just can’t compete with Grey. 

No more Grey? Now what? E.L. James, your fans are waiting. 



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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