Just How Natural is Emily Maynard’s Beauty?

Emily Maynard is quite gorgeous.  All of the men on “The Bachelorette” seem to agree with that, as, I guess, does most everybody.  She looks like a living Barbie doll.  Really.  And she’s so sweet and Southern (“golly!”).

Just how much work has Emily had done to look so perfect? She won’t say, but based on before and after photos we would have to surmise that she has had the following procedures:

New teeth (veneers, or whatever),

Breast implants (and whatever else one does to ones breasts), and

A nose job.

Nobody is criticizing her for this… though she is a single mother of a darling little girl Ricki, and… had she died during any of these “unnecessary” procedures Little Ricki would have been an orphan.  I guess that explains how a single mom like Emily could have left her precious little girl at home for months and months when she “won” Brad Womack on “The Bachelor”.  You know how I feel about plastic surgery now that our dear friend almost died during necessary knee surgery.  Forget about it! Get fillers.  Wear make-up.  Get your hair done, and so on and so on.  Just don’t go under the knife if there are people out there who could be significantly impacted by losing you if something goes wrong.

Anyway, Emily was always a very pretty girl.  Her looks have definitely improved, but who knows? Maybe she is wearing better bras.  I am not an expert, and nobody seems to know for sure. 

I do hope Emily finds real lasting love this season, though based on the history of these shows the odds are not high.  Already several of the men’s characters and motives have been questioned.  She does not deserve to have her heart broken again.  It is lovely that she is with her daughter during a lot of the show, because she is a little girl and after her mother’s last failure with Brad Womack it is wise that she is not leaving town for months and months… at least for now. 

She does like handsome men, though there are definitely a handful left that are less than stunners.  Her first fiance (Ricky Hendrick, the race car driver who died in a plane crash), by the way, was really not very good looking.  I have no idea why Jef would still be there (and with only one of two ‘safe’ roses last week).  He is not the manly man that she has seemed to gravitate to. 


My money is on Ryan.  He’s a big ole gorgeous Southern boy.

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