I’m Sorry Daddy!

My father and his fiancee banned my from writing about them on my blog or on Facebook.  They told me that I have a big mouth and that they’re never going to tell me anything again because I will just write about for all the world to read.  So what did I do? I told them that I would stop writing about them, and, for the most part, I have stuck to this promise.  When I do write about them it is in a very general way, divulging none of their new-couple-in-love happiness or any of their other carnal secrets.

Anyway… let’s get to today, and why I’m writing this…

Recently I guess I wrote something about my 81-year old dad and his beautiful 53-year old fiancee.  Well, this did not make my father happy, even though I didn’t say anything super personal.  Why was he unhappy then? Because he’s not 81.  He’s only 80!

I’m sorry Daddy.  I did not mean to age you prematurely.  I know how much that hurts.  We all celebrated your 80th birthday in Las Vegas in September, but with this neverending winter and so much going on all the time, it felt like more than seven months ago to me.  In fact, it felt like a year and seven months.

My father is not eighty-one years old.  He is eighty.  A very gorgeous and young looking eighty by the way.  I’m not worried about this post because my father would never read my blog.  Right Daddy?


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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