Let’s Talk About The Bachelorette

I am so excited that The Bachelorette is back.  Last night I watched the first episode.  Let’s talk…

Emily Maynard is gorgeous, that is a plain fact.  She seems to have “cooled” up a bit since she was on The Bachelor.  Now the words “awesome” and “cool” have joined her vocabulary, along with “golly”.  She is adorable, but doesn’t seem to have much to say, other than “awesome”, “cool”, and “golly”.  The men don’t seem to care though.  She is definitely eye candy. 

It was actually adorable to watch the men pining over Emiily.  They seemed genuinely nervous at the rose ceremony, and were desperate to get time to speak with her one on one before they were handed out.  I was surprised that Emily eliminated the one black bachelor so quickly, but she did.  Normally they leave the minority choices on for several episodes before elimating them, though I didn’t think that he was right for Emily anyway.

I have a question: where does Emily get her money? She has a lovely house, and little Ricki (her six year old daughter) certainly doesn’t seem to want for anything.  How many six year olds do you know who have their own playrooms and queen-sized beds in their rooms? Well, little Ricki does.  Emily doesn’t really seem to work, and she wasn’t married to big Ricky when he died, so it seems unlikely that she got any money as a result of his death in a plane crash.  Family money? No idea.  Let me know if you know.

I loved Ryan, the ex-pro football player who is now a pro sports trainer.  He is handsome and seems solid and accomplished.  I also loved Doug from Seattle, who received the first impression rose.  Doug has a son named Austin who is almost twelve, and Austin wrote a note to Emily which totally warmed her heart.  Kalon, of course, seems like a total jerk.  He arrived by helicopter, immediately alienating all of the other bachelors, but he did, of course, make an impresssion, which is what he was trying to do.  Hopefully Emily will get rid of him sooner rather than later as he is definitely bad news.  However, these evil contestants always seem to remain for a long time, and sometimes they even win (as with Courtney on the last Bachelor series).  They do add flavor, but I think Emily just needs a good ole hometown man to love and cherish for the rest of her life. 

Go Emily! You are fun to watch, and I will be among the many to see if you find the love that you so desperately want.  We all know you have suffered the loss of two fiances and would love to see you married already!

Yay for The Bachelorette.


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