Bethenny’s Closet, Or a Third World Country?

Watching Bethenny cry is painful.  Watching Bethenny laugh is painful.  So why do I keep watching Bethenny? I don’t know.  Probably for the same reason I can’t wait for “The Real Housewives of New York City” or “The Bachelorette” to resume.  Too much time.  Too little stimulation. 

The fact that Ellen DeGeneres wants to back Bethenny in a talk show pains me, but I will probably watch it.  I love Ellen.  She is a role model for so many.  So was Bethenny before she started crying so much.  Please stop crying Bethenny! Be happy.  Or if you really aren’t happy, do something about it.  Alcohol is a depressant, not a mood enhancer.  Stop drinking so much.  Start taking an anti-depressant if you need it. 

Anyway… let’s talk about what really matters: Bethenny’s new closet.

Bethenny bought a very ugly apartment for five million dollars in Tribeca (don’t be fooled by the show… they never show the ‘real’ outsides of her buildings, but I won’t blow her cover).  Now she has a team of people working on demolishing it (still isn’t going to have enough light or windows) for my five million plus plus plus… At the crux of the renovations we find:

Bethenny’s closet.

Sounds like a charity. 

Should be a charity.  I’m a real estate agent and children (multiple children) live in rooms much smaller than this closet.  Families could live in her closet.  In fact, I think a small Third World country could fit comfortably into Bethenny’s new closet.

Shame on you Bethenny! Give to charity.  Stop buying so much stuff.  And don’t ruin people’s very expensive and perfectly planned vacations at The One and Only Palmilla by filling it up with your staff and your camera crews.  How do you expect to have a happy marriage when it is lived on camera? How do you expect Jason to feel like a man when you are constantly making him feel ‘less than’ one on national television? Need to regroup? Go on a boat with your therapist and your husband without a t.v. crew in tow.  Go on a vacation with your husband without a t.v. crew in tow.  Go out to dinner with your husband without a t.v. crew.

Learn a lesson from Khloe Kardasian Odom (notice how the Odom figures in for her… hmmmm?).  She’s on the cover of People magazine if you missed it.  She cancelled her television show in order to save her marriage.

Food for thought, Skinny Girl?



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2 Responses to Bethenny’s Closet, Or a Third World Country?

  1. ntkaram14 says:

    I see Bethanny and Jason all the time now that they moved. She always look angry. The building they move into is one of my favorite buildings…I am surprised about the windows but I haven’t seen it on the show.

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