How Many Ways Can You Abuse Your Child?

How dare Patricia Krentcil take her innocent five-year old daughter into a tanning booth with her? We are no longer living in the 1960’s where we thought that baby oil and reflectors were a great way to maximize our suntans.  Today we know very well that tanning and tanning salons can cause tremendous damage to our skin, especially when we are very young.  This is why parents are always chasing their young children around slathering them with 50 plus SPF and donning them in hats.

Come on Patricia! You are forty-four years old and you look like a frightening and dried up prune.  Your appearance makes George Hamilton’s year round tan pale (pun intended) by comparison.  Forty-four? You look like a very unhealthy and droopy sixty-four.  Is this what you want for your five-year old daughter? You look like a very overdone hotdog that someone forgot to take off of a very hot barbecue for an hour.

And then you dare to lie about it, claiming that your daughter got her burns on a recent sunny day (funny… when has it been sunny recently inNew Jersey? I must have missed that.)  Unfortunately for you five-year olds can speak, and your daughter told her teachers that you took her into a tanning booth with you.  Do you really think she’s going to keep her eyes shut while you tan beside her? You have probably damaged her eyes as well as her skin.

You don’t deserve a child if you treat her this way.  Shame on you Patricia Krencil! I hope you are punished severely.

And shame on for cashing in on this child abuse by creating and selling a $29.95 “Tanorexic” doll.  I will admit that the idea of the doll is hysterical, but not under these circumstances.  That being said, I am not going to order any.  If you see a “Rainorexic” dachshund dog doll though please let me know.  I don’t think my dog has been outside in two months now.  He is hiding under the covers.  No tanning salons for my dachshund.  He refuses to go in the room with me, preferring to wait patiently outside in the waiting room on the massage chair.


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