Where Do I Live and What Month Is This?

I woke up after a ten hour sleep and I am still tired.  The picture outside of my window is the same as it has been for too long: grey and wet, bleak and too cold.

Am I like Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”? Did I live through a tornado and end up somewhere else? Wouldn’t that be nice? Then I could rouse myself from this nightmare that I’ve been living in and be back in my cozy cottage in Kansas, aka Soho.

Do I live in Seattle? It feels that way.  It has been raining almost every day for two weeks and has been unseasonably cold.  The weatherman is reaping havoc with our lives, especially those of us who love summer and sunshine and do not fare quite so well in rainboots and heavy jackets, lugging our umbrellas around and inevitably forgetting them just when it really starts coming down in sheets.

Is it really May 3rd, because it feels a lot more like early December, with a long cold and icy Winter ahead.  I fear that we skipped Spring and Summer this year and that we are going right back into Winter.  If so, I am heading right down to Delray Beach.

I ask for only two things:

Make things okay for my child, and

Let the sun shine.

Okay, I’ll be happy with just the first one I guess.  I can always take my Happy Light out of hiding.  Does anybody have a happy pill?


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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