Is Megan Draper Going to Kill Don or Keep Him Young?

Boy oh boy there are a lot of gorgeous women on “Mad Men”.  Betty Draper (played beautifully by January Jones), Don’s (the fabulous Jon Hamm) first wife, was a classic blonde beauty.  She could really glam it up.  However, having children together, coupled with her depression, brought the marriage to an end.  Is Betty happier with her older and richer husband now? Not really.  I don’t think Betty will ever really be happy.  She’s one of those gorgeous tragic women (reminds me a bit of my mother, rest her soul… I miss you so much!).

Enter wife number two for Don.  Megan Draper (played by Jessica Pare — please add an accent above the e as my keyboard refuses to comply) is a stunner too, this time in brunette tresses.  She is young and sexy and does a mean rendition of Zou Bisou Bisou (much to Don’s embarrassment at his 40th birthday soiree).  It is a bit too sexy for public eyes, and Don Draper is a jealous man, especially now that he has Megan all to himself.

Honestly, I don’t know if Don is madly in love with Megan or if he is just completely, head over heels in lust.  She makes him crazy.  He is already an old man at forty (imagine a sixty year old today and he would probably be in better shape than Don is).  Don drinks too much, plays too hard, eats poorly and never exercises.  If Megan wants to keep him around (which seems debatable at times), she should really take him out to the park for some fresh air, sunshine, and a few laps around the reservoir.  Sex alone is not going to keep him young, no matter how often they do it (and they are not at all in the same league as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele).

I hope she leaves him before she kills him off.  Why? Because I love the show “Mad Men” and I don’t think it would survive the demise of Don Draper.

Meanwhile, speaking of second wives…

Just after watching an episode with my husband on Sunday where Roger Sterling (played by John Slattery) and his second (and also very beautiful) wife are sparring as usual after dropping LSD together (under her therapist’s tutelage… gotta love the 60’s!) I saw the real John Slattery on the street.  He’s my neighbor by the way, and he is even better looking in person than he is on t.v. if you can believe that.

“We were just watching you,” I called out to him, “on “Mad Men””. 

He turned around at the mention of MM.

“The LSD episode,” I continued.  “How long have you and this wife hated each other?”

“Oh, a long time,” he answered with a very cute smile.

“She wasn’t your first wife though, was she?” I asked.

“No.  My first wife is up there.”  He pointed, not to Heaven, but to the building he lives in.  “My real wife was my first “Mad Men” wife.”

How funny.  I didn’t know that.  DId you?

Anywho…  “Mad Men” continues to please this season, though I am hating Peggy Olson as I watch her evolve more and more into a man, and Peter Campbell is way too small to be acting so big! And how can he cheat on his wife? He is lucky to have her, as Don recently warned him.  And Don should know, right? Always listen to the big boss.


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1 Response to Is Megan Draper Going to Kill Don or Keep Him Young?

  1. [” I don’t think Betty will ever really be happy. She’s one of those gorgeous tragic women (reminds me a bit of my mother, rest her soul… I miss you so much!).”]

    Why? Because she’s not an independent, working woman? As I recall, neither Peggy or Joan seemed to be happy. They haven’t been happy since the series began. Why label Betty as the only one who is unhappy? Because she doesn’t live up to your views of the ideal 21st century woman?

    Personally, I find this portrayal of Megan as some ideal woman rather ridiculous and unrealistic.

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