What “Girls” is Teaching Us and Our Children

I love “Girls” and Lena Dunham is adorable as Hannah. The first time I saw her was in “Tiny Furniture”, as the undirected college graduate who has moved back into her mother’s loft in Tribeca.  She is quirky and funny and self-deprecating.  You have to love her.

Now she has written “Girls”, she stars in it, and directs in with Judd Apatow.  So much for a lack of direction.

What is Lena Dunham doing to our expectations?

Well, she is making it seem “normal” for children to move back in with their parents once they have graduated from school.  She makes it seem that if the parents don’t one hundred percent financially support their children they are cruel and unfair, and not allowing their children to reach their full potential.

“How long do parents support their children after they have graduated from college?” my daughter asked me after we watched the first two episodes together.

Hmmm… I have just been trying to figure out exactly how I’m paying the full ride for both of my children to attend college.  I didn’t realize I was also going to support them indefinitely afterwards.  Thanks a lot Lena!

“My parents cut me off right after college,” I told my daughter, hoping she might realize that not all children are able to live the “groovy life” (as Dunham’s t.v. mom coins it in “Girls”) while their parents continue to toil and give, give, give, allowing their children to “find” themselves.  After two years, Hannah has worked as an unpaid intern and worked hard on her memoir (which is at least five pages long when she presents it to her parents in an attempt to get them to support her for only another two years until she is discovered).

The show is brilliant, but it may be setting unrealistic expectations for a lot of early to mid twenty-somethings.  Or not.

The other thing that Dunham and the show are teaching us is not to be embarrassed of our bodies, no matter what they look like.  The not too attractive, somewhat dumpy star is always at least partially naked, while her three much more attractive best friends are not.  Hannah has sex without shame in funny and not flattering positions, she bathes naked in front of her roommate and her roommate’s boyfriend.  For all the criticism I may have about the money, I applaud her for being so open and comfortable with her own body.  This is definitely not how we grew up in Great Neck! Tab and grapefruit diets were the norm back then.  Now Hannah is drinking opium-laced tea because she thinks it’s flavored with Twix (it was actually “twigs” tasting).  Hannah is no more shy about shoving food into her mouth than she is about dropping her panties.

Go “Girls”!



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