Don’t Go Under the Knife Unless You Really Need It

In the past couple of months I visited a plastic surgeon, thinking I could use a nip here, a tuck there, some laser in another there, a lift elsewhere. I had two consultations. Then I went for the medical photographs. I came close to booking the surgery.

On Wednesday one of my favorite people in the world went into the hospital for some necessary surgery. They gave her the anesthesia and her body went into shock. Her blood pressure dropped to zero. She had seizures all night. She went into a coma.

Thank goodness she woke up yesterday morning. She has lost a few days (doesn’t even remember going to the hospital). She never had the surgery that she needed. Her short term memory is shot at the moment.

But, she is alive, and so many people who are blessed to know her are relieved. This was a procedure she needed. Well, guess what? It’s not happening now. Luckily it was a partial knee replacement rather than a heart transplant or something really life
threatening. Today I told her that I’m going to buy her a walker on rollers for her next birthday. Luckily she laughed. She may have a pained knee and maybe she won’t be running marathons in the future (not that she ever did), but we will keep her just the way she is, walker-to-be and all.

Guess what? I am not having any plastic surgeries. I will continue with my eye opening and luscious eyelash extensions. Bring on the fillers doctors! I’m open to it. As my Dad mentioned when we discussed this yesterday, he looks amazing at 81 thanks to his fiancee’s recommendations for fillers, photo facials and whatever else he’s doing out there in Las Vegas.

I will age gracefully with my head held high (even if my wrinkles and other parts of my body begin to sag). Bring on the lines! I would rather live.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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