I Think I Live in Alaska

I keep checking my calendar.  April, it says.  April.  Today it’s almost May (April 27th).  I thought April showers bring May flowers.  I honestly feel like it’s Fall, rolling quickly towards Winter.  This is no Spring, that’s for sure. 

As New Yorkers, we put up with a lot.  High housing costs.  Traffic.  Never-ending roadwork and construction.  Noise.  Dirt.  Subway detours.  Sometimes unbearably cold, snowy, icy and windy winters and sometimes very hot and humid summers (the latter I love!!! but I know a lot of people don’t).

I was ready for Spring when we were having unseasonably warm days several weeks ago.  I pulled on my running shorts and laced up my sneakers and I was out there, soaking up the long-forgotten warmth.  In standard New York City fashion I figured we were going from Winter to Summer (we really are a two season city you know).  After all, the Groundhog told us that it was going to be an early Spring, and I always believe the Groundhog (even when he bites our mayor).

But no…

We are Falling back into Winter.  It is freezing outside every day.  Unseasonably cold.  My furrier has been trying to pick up my warm coats for weeks now.  Clearly he is not watching the weather.  I’m afraid that we aren’t going to have Summer this year.

I think I live in Alaska.

About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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