Counting Crows at Roseland

Last night we saw Counting Crows at Roseland.  I have been a diehard Counting Crows fan for a very long time and have seen them in concert again and again.  Typically their shows are as good as Adam Duritz.

You know, he has some “issues”, specifically dissociative disorder, and when he’s stable he’s fabulous.  At other times though, he can be really off his game, and really shouldn’t be performing in front of a paying audience.

He was in good form last night, I’m happy to report.  I was disappointed that he:

Spoke little (said he nothing of any value to say, which I just don’t believe coming from a genius like him);

Looked a tad chubby (he needs to lean out in the middle just a tad.  I can recommend an amazing trainer!);

His hair is finally disgusting.  It is really time for a makeover.  The dreads now look like a mangy lion.  They are too think, too unruly… just plain disgusting.  They look like they smell bad, and there’s no way anyone like Jennifer Aniston or Emmy Rossum or Christina Applegate (some of his prior girlfriends… not a bad line-up, huh?) is going to want to run her fingers through that bee’s nest.

Shave it off Adam.  It was a look for a long time, but it’s really gross now.

Anyway… the music was good.  His voice was gorgeous and distinctive as always. The acoustics weren’t great, but the show was fun.  They played everything from the new album “Underwater Sunshine” (cool name, right?), which sounded pretty decent, but I would have preferred to hear more of their older stuff.

Counting Crows rock.  They are one band that I will continue to see for many years to come.  I want Adam Duritz to fall in love and get married.  Take your meds Adam.  Stabilize, even if it isn’t always fun.  Keep on writing and singing and playing that incredible music that you do so well.  And hang out in New York City more.  We love you here!



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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