Can You Stop Using Drugs on Your Own? Ask Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie Season 4 is here and Jackie enters rehab – finally! I’m not spoiling anything, and there’s a lot more that I could say, but I won’t.  The question is: can someone stop using drugs (assuming he or she is a drug addict) without any professional help?

We know that Jackie is tough.  We know that Jackie is strong.  We also know that Jackie is manipulative and a fantastic liar.  Which parts of her will win out?

There’s a new doctor on the show and he’s kind of hot.  Somehow I see some in-hospital sex unfolding, and not between Jackie and Eddie (the enabler).  Stay tuned… just my intuition.

The show is as witty and fabulous as ever.  After my set visit several months ago I have a newfound appreciation for these actors.  Their jobs are precise, their takes agonizingly slow.  It looks so easy on Showtime, but believe me, it isn’t.

Jackie has been a drug addict for a very long time.  Can she really quit when she is surrounded by drugs at work day and night and going through a lot of tough issues in her personal life? I worked with addicts and alcoholics and even with help most of them could not stop using.  I hope Jackie is the exception to this rule, but somehow I see a return to rehab (and probably a lot of meetings) in her future.


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