Seriously Bad Chick Lit

I am almost embarrassed to admit that I just finished Danielle Steel’s latest book, “Betrayal”.  There are times that I really enjoy her novels, but this one was so badly written and sketchily told that she is clearly cashing in on her past successes.  Truly, I would be surprised if she even wrote this book (unless she has had a series of strokes or has senile dementia).

Her books are always easy to read.  I finished this one in just a matter of hours.  You do tend to care about the characters too, but this book is so repetitive and amateurish that if it were her first I would be surprised if she could find an agent to represent her.

“Betrayal” is the tale of a beautiful movie director who cares nothing about Hollywood, glamour, or fame.  She finds herself the victim of several betrayals which she has been too busy working to notice.

I am not saying not to read “Betrayal”, but if you do, try to borrow it rather than paying yourself (like I foolishly did).  And, don’t expect too much.  That way you won’t be disappointed.

Danielle Steel — let’s see a real novel soon, okay? No more of this teenage hack.  You know you can do a lot better.



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