Bethenny Update

“Life After Bethenny” is hanging on by a thread.  I would now prefer to watch “Chloe and Lamar” which should tell you something.  I do, however, still watch Bethenny faithfully.  I have some comments about her last two shows:

1. If you have to do segments where you take your staff to an EMT class and a Self-Defense Class (both in the same episode) you are clearly struggling for material;

2. Money can’t buy you taste (The Countess LuAnn would agree!), and this is very clear in Bethenny’s case.  Her new apartment is a horrorshow, and she spent $4,995,000 for it, pre-renovations.  Her  taste in clothing and accessories and home furnishings are abyssmal.  She should just let her staff select everything and focus on her speaking gigs and business deals;

3. Her husband Jason Hoppy is adorable and she should keep him (but make him shave the ugly beard already).  Keep him happy Bethenny! He loves you and every relationship takes a lot of work.  You spent so much of your life alone so work for what is important;

4. Therapy sessions should be private.  How can she be moving forward while her sessions are being taped for television?

5. Don’t speak baby talk to your children.  It stunts their maturity and development.  It also sounds really creepy (as Ellen DeGeneres pointed out);

6. Forget the gossip.  Who cares? Bethenny is a huge success but still very focused on what other people think about her;

Bethenny is working on a possible talk show of her own, backed by Ellen.  How amazing is that? She should focus her energies there rather than on boohoo’ing about bloggers and gossip columnists.  She is a major force to be reckoned with and should act the part.

Also Bethenny, I think you should make up with Jill Zarin.  She was the best friend you ever had and you broke her heart.  Make amends.  It is not easy to find special and loyal friends and I do believe that Jill was both to you.  Forgive and forget.  Move ahead.  She was so good to you when you were single and before you really hit your stride in business.  Remember??? She will add a little spice to your tired show too.  There is really nobody interesting on it other than you, and at an hour a week the plot line is running thin.

Why not have a Jill Zarin episode? I know I would watch that one live, and I always Tivo you now. 



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