Book Review – “Defending Jacob”

How far will a parent go in defending his or her child? This is one of the very serious questions posed by author William Landay in his novel “Defending Jacob”.

A fourteen year old boy is found murdered in a woodsy park near his middle school.  He has been stabbed neatly in the chest, three times.  When the Assistant D.A. assigned to the case finds out that his own son is a suspect, how will he and his wife respond?

Can we really “see” our own children? This is a question that is explored at length in this very interesting book.  If we found our child holding a bloody knife would we still be able to maintain his or her innocence? We have raised this child since birth, loving him unconditionally.  Can he really be a monstrous murderer or has there been a big mistake? And… does our legal system work at all? It is frightening to explore the number of exonerated prisoners who have spent months, years, even decades behind bars for crimes that they supposedly never committed.  Sometimes the D.A. just wants to close a case and put somebody behind bars — anybody. 

I didn’t love “Defending Jacob”, but I definitely found it interesting.  Written from a father’s perspective, it is quite interesting to get inside the mind of how a man feels about his son, and to see how he views his wife and her own struggles with their horrific situation.

If you are interested in the criminal law system you should read it.  If you are interested with the questions of parental love and just how far it can take us you should read it.  If not, there are plenty of other books on the shelf, or on Amazon, or floating around cyberspace somewhere.


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