My Daughter The Rapper

Yesterday was the Talent Show at my daughter’s high school.  Her school is not a Performing Arts school, but there are a lot of talents teens there.  The show was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Some of the top acts were:

An incredible poem, beautifully narrated by a young man.  It was deeply emotional and very moving (he came in Second Place overall),

A guy that I have known since he was a little toddler, yoyoing like I have never seen before.  He could be on t.v. — that’s how good he is.  Also, a stand-up comedian who was funnier than some of the pros that I have paid to see at Comix.  These two guys tied for Third Place,

Three very brave young women singing Adele acapella (Simon Cowell would not have approved),

Four girls who did an adorable dance routine.

And then there were the Rap Wars.  One of the rappers was a 6’3″ Hispanic guy who looked so scary that you just might cross to the other side of the street if you saw him coming (he is really a sweetheart though… I think).  Who was he rapping against? My daughter!

My daughter has been working on this rap for a while.  She has rehearsed for me.  She and the other rapper wrote the lyrics and set them to beats.  My daughter is a gifted writer and a talented musician.  She possesses that musical gene that somehow skipped me from both sides of my family.  Watching her perform, however, has given me pleasure since she was a tiny little girl.

Who won the Rap War? It was very, very close, but my daughter inched out her opponent.

Who won first prize in the competition? The Rap Wars!!!

Seriously, they were amazing.  I am so very proud of my girl.  She can do so many things well.  I love you baby.

Now I just hope her opponent doesn’t come looking for her…

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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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