“Californication” – The Cheating Episode

Does everybody cheat, or is it just t.v.? Or is it just L.A.? Or both? Or neither.

I am not a spoiler, as you probably know, so I am not going to go into specifics, but there was a whole lot of cheating going on this week on “Californication”.  Why? Business, attraction, stress — you name it.

Picture this: you go to a party with your spouse.  You love your spouse and think he or she is hot, and your sex life is great.  You see a hot person at the party and begin to engage.  Hot conversation, hot glances, the very thought of doing something really bad for a change… it all starts to build up.  Within a single house there is illicit sex happening in every corner.

Is this like the L.A. version of key parties? Rather than suburban couples needing to randomly pick the key of a neighbor and go home with that person for the night, in L.A. they just do it around the corner from their significant other and then still climb into bed with their very own Mr. or Mrs.? Which is worse? Key parties are gross because you don’t get to choose.  Yuck! What if you get someone with halitosis or really bad back hair or a pot belly — or all of the above? You have permission though, so it’s somewhat okay. In the “Californication” version you get to choose, but the chances for break-up, for heartbreak, and for violence, are all seriously raised.

If you didn’t watch “Californication” on Sunday night check it out.  It was a great episode.  There’s only one more left this season.

I’m crying.


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