Biking in New York City – A Riders Musings

After fainting in a restaurant last night I figured I might as well ride my bike to the Frette Sample Sale this morning.  After all, I had already fallen on my face, and I didn’t have a helmet on.  So… helmet in place… I took off.


Riding your bike in New York City is very challenging! Here are some of the issues:

Construction on almost every street,

Stopped cars blocking the bicycle lanes,

Crazy drivers honking or “boo-ing” at you just for sport (lovely you a..hole!),

Bicycle food deliverymen riding their bikes the wrong way on one way streets,

Pedestrians who don’t look both ways before crossing, and

Trying to carry things with you as you ride.

Everytime I pull up to my building I breathe a sigh of relief… I made it home unscathed.  It was especially challenging after shopping today.  The Frette sale has some great stuff if you are looking for sheets, duvet covers, towels, robes and that kind of Frette stuff.  I am saving money as we decorate our brand new home in Delray Beach.

Some of the best things about bicycling in New York City:

The exercise,

The vantage point,

The biker camaraderie (other than those psycho bikers who have whistles and Biker Rule Books on them at all times),

The ecological benefits,

Saving money on cabs, subways, buses, or parking tickets,

Time savings (so much faster than walking).

I love my bicycle.  I love to ride in the city.  It is about as daring as I get, but I do get that little rush every time I make it home alive.

Today is a perfect day to bike.  Pump up those tires and get out there.  I’m the one on the bike that nobody wants to steal.  Wave to me and say hello.

About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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