Torturing My Trainer For a Change of Pace

Today I took my trainer Friday to Physique 57.  He hadn’t been to a class there in about three years.  I love torturing my trainer! It is such a refreshing change.  Normally he tortures me, and honestly, it is worth the price of admission to watch him sweat… and sweat he did!

Kudos to Friday! Not many men go to these classes, and he certainly stands out as a tall and gorgeous young man among a group of much smaller women.  The class was tough and I know he will be feeling it tomorrow! The teacher was Jess.  It was my first class with her and she was amazing and adorable.  I am loving Physique 57 more and more with every class I take.  I know it’s gorgeous outside, but I am going to keep up these classes once a week for a change of pace.  They’re awesome and I really have seen a change in my body since I started.

Go Friday! Go Jess! Go Physique 57.  Go men who are brave enough to go to Physique 57!



About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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2 Responses to Torturing My Trainer For a Change of Pace

  1. Always great to have you in class, Mallory! How was Friday feeling the next day?

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