Spring Fever – No Meds Required

Guess what? I have Spring fever! It has been absolutely gorgeous outside in NYC if you haven’t noticed (or if you don’t live her or happen to be here right now).

Yesterday I took my bicycle out. Poor front tire was flat as a board. I walked it over to my favorite bike shop and had it repaired and then biked down to Tribeca to buy Spring tulips in red and purple and dinner for my family.

Today I went out for my first run in the city since Fall! I bundled up, taking no chances. Jog bra. Running pants. Long socks. Two running shirts. Running gloves. Earmuffs. It was…


I removed my gloves, and then my earmuffs, and then my outer shirt. Honestly, even for a freezy cat like me I could have been in shorter socks, shorter pants, and a sleeveless shirt. Oh well. I would rather unlayer than freeze the whole time.

The music was fine.

The Highline was in full buzz. It was great to be up there again. It felt like climbing the stairway to heaven, to steal a phrase. The Hudson River Park was teeming with smiling happy people (to steal another phrase).

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. I got a two day head start.

Word of advice: the water fountains are not turned on yet, so bring your own water if you need to hydrate. I was pretty thirsty, and disappointed when every fountain I tried was dry as a bone.

If you’re inside, try to sneak out.

Happy Spring!


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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