Bethenny, Stop Crying!

Bethenny Frankel’s t.v. show went from a motivational, entertaining hour to a total whinefest.  Now that Bethenny has a husband, millions and millions of dollars, a gorgeous daughter, and a new loft in Tribeca she is…





Whining and crying?


“Bethenny Ever After” is boring now! Who wants to watch somebody complaining about everything? Bethenny complains about renovating her apartment, her relationship with Jason (her husband), nobody working hard enough.  Enough already! Your show was great when you were happy! You wanted a husband… you got one! You wanted a baby… you got one! You wanted fame and fortune… you have it! Why are you so unhappy?

Listen up Bethenny.  We only live this life one time.  Try to enjoy it.  You could be gone any time.  I wrote about a life taken too soon last week — a 49 year old father of two, loving husband and family guy.  He died at the gym while training for a triathalon.

Be happy.  Smile.  Laugh.  Make it work with Jason.

And, most importantly, take it off t.v.  It is depressing to watch someone who made all of her dreams come true looking so unhappy.  Stop whining.  Stop crying. 

Maybe you should go out for cocktails with Cindy Barshop.  She’s cool and a single mother and also lives downtown.  Have a few Skinny Girl margaritas.  Take a chill pill.  Anything.

Just stop complaining! It is an embarrassment that you were on a motivational speaking tour to sold out houses.  You should be ashamed of yourself.



About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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One Response to Bethenny, Stop Crying!

  1. Amy Craddock says:

    I am so sick of Bethenny and her scarey, square jaw and her whining. She also looks like a very bad kisser the way she kisses Jason..lips all tight and puckered like an asshole. Gag….Bravo, take the show off the air!!!

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