Kutscher’s Restaurant Review

Where better for three Jews to eat dinner on Saint Patrick’s Day than the newly opened Kutscher’s at 186 Franklin Street in Tribeca, between Greenwich and West Broadway? Nowhere! I can attest to that after dining there last night with my husband and a dear friend of ours.

What did we eat? Everything!

Chopped liver – not the best I’ve ever had to be honest. I would pass on it next time. Too bland, and the breads weren’t great. They should stick with the matzoh and take out the pastrami.

Matzo ball soup – absolutely delicious! I couldn’t finish it and actually brought it home. It is too good to waste, and even better than mother makes (in this case mother is me, cooking from a mix… so not that surprising).

My men ordered both potato latkes AND french fries cooked in schmaltz. I thought they were a little over the top for doing do, don’t you agree? Anyway, the latkes came with sour cream and fresh apple compote (I like the good old Mott’s applesauce personally). I passed on those, but the french fries were absolute perfection! They did not taste greasy at all. They were small, crispy, salty (but not too salty). They were definitely up there among the best fries I have ever eaten, and I have eaten tons of fries over the past fifty years.

We had a smoked salmon plate that was incredible! It had three types of smoked salmon and they were all perfectly smoked, thinly sliced, trimmed to a tee. They served it with some special cream cheese and dark bread. Yummy!

The Pigs in a Blanket were really “A” Pig in a Blanket”, sliced into pieces. I prefer the minis, but this was good. Our friend thought the mustard wasn’t strong enough, though my husband I liked it. I thought the hotdog itself was a bit too beefy.

The men had more. They had duck and steak and 7 layer chocolate cake and brussels sprouts, not in that order. I had a doggy bag and tried to drink down a decaf cappucino with skim milk but could not even find the room for that.

The atmosphere is great. Very pretty, upscale, not at all reminscent of the original Kutscher’s resort in the Catskills. Don’t be surprised if a quarter of the crowd reminds you of those Catskills days. It’s noisy, so probably not the best place for your relatives with


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