Movie Review: “Friends With Kids”

Whether you have children or not, “Friends With Kids” is a cute movie.  It is about relationships, friendships, the changes our lives undergo when we choose to have our own children, the ways in which our friendships with others change too.

If you are a parent you will totally get it, and will certainly relate to at least parts of it.  If you don’t want children you will certainly be amused by it.  And, if you want a child, but haven’t found the partner that you want to be with forever and ever, this movie has a clever solution.

I love Jon Hamm on “Mad Men”, but I did not like him in this role.  It was actually disappointing to watch.  Is he a one role man?

Kristin Wiig is also a favorite of mine, and I also didn’t love her in this role, though she was better than Hamm.

Jennifer Westfeldt and Adam Scott are both great, as the unmarried friends in the group.  They have been best friends for seventeen years, and their performances are touching and spot on.

I was surprised to learn that Jennifer Westfeldt is Jon Hamm’s real life girlfriend.  Why? She really isn’t that pretty.  Is that horrible for me to say? He is soooo gorgeous, but I guess he goes “deeper” than I would have expected.  Westfeldt is a director, a screenwriter, and an actor.  I guess I am just so used to seeing Hamm with incredibly gorgeous women like January Jones on “Mad Men” that I thought this would transfer into his personal life, but kudos to him for dating a woman who seems to have it going on in other ways.

Two thumbs up for “Friends With Kids”.  One for me and one for my favorite daughter.


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One Response to Movie Review: “Friends With Kids”

  1. CMrok93 says:

    There wasn’t anything here that made me laugh-out-loud but there was definitely just enough of insight and good performances to hold me over. However, when you have 4 of the main cast members from the biggest comedy of last year, it’s kind of lame to give them really nothing funny to do or say. Good review Mallory. It was a good one, just nothing all that special.

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