Why Today is the Best Day of the Year

You may be sleepy, but believe me, today is the best day of the year.  Daylight Savings Time is back! We will now have light late in the afternoons, and soon into the evenings.  This has always been my very favorite day.

My least favorite day of the year? You guessed it… the day when the clock Falls back and we gain an hour of sleep.  Everyone is always so stoked about getting that extra hour, but not me.  To me turning the clock back means that winter is close by, days are getting shorter, and it’s dark before you even start thinking about what to make for dinner.

Yay for today! The duration of DST this year is until November 4th.  It keeps getting longer and longer.  Honestly, there is no need for the clock to ever fall back any more.  We are no longer farmers, needing our early morning light to get out into the fields.  Let’s start a movement to banish ever leaving Daylight Savings Time again.

I hear the park is open at Zucc

Many countries and several states don’t have it at all, and they seem to be doing just fine.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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