Rob Lowe Autobiography Review

Rob Lowe is adorable.  He is so “pretty”, in fact, that I often guessed that he was gay.  Well guess again.  He is the farthest thing from gay ever, at least according to his autobiography, “Stories I Only Tell My Friends”.  I guess I’m his friend, because he told plenty.

The book is okay — definitely not a must read, but if you like him it is somewhat amusing.  The best part is how he just stumbles into people day after day who are, or are to become, incredibly famous.  To name a few:

Bill Clinton,

Cary Grant,

Martin Sheen.

Don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll stop there.

Rob Lowe worked hard every day throughout his career.  He wanted to act from the time he was a very young boy, and he stopped at almost nothing to achieve his goal.  He was never really an “A” actor, but he did well for himself.  Some of his best roles were on “The West Wing” and in the Austin Powers movies.

I thought he could have been more forthcoming with his tale of addiction.  He barely mentions it, and then suddenly he is checking himself into a 30 day rehab.  Surely there is more to that tale than meets the eye, and I would have enjoyed reading about it.

Rob Lowe came from a very messed up family, and I also would have liked to have heard more about that, but alas, he did not write into this very deeply either.  I guess the book was really meant to be a who’s who of who Rob Lowe knows and how he got to where he is today.

Rob Lowe is a nice, likeable guy.  His book is medicre, but again, if you are a fan, y


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