I’m Worried About The Bachelor

Why won’t The Bachelor listen to anybody? Clearly Courtney Robertson is in it to win “it”, not because she’s in love with Ben Flajnik, but because she wants to:

Boost her career, and

“Win” the competition.

She could eat Ben up and spit him out in about two seconds flat, and I’m sure that she will if she is chosen as the one that Ben decides to propose to. 

As you know, I am certain that Ben was a virgin going into this show, and Courtney has teased him terribly, getting his “third eye” to be the only one he is seeing out of.  Did they have sex when they skinny dipped? It seemed like it to me, and Ben was green the next day, saying that he felt horribly about what had happened.

Why won’t he listen? Why doesn’t he just have sex with her and then leave her as runner-up (which is much more than she deserves)? Lindzi Cox would make the perfect wife for Ben.  She is smart, and real, and truly seems to love him (though how you can actually fall in love on this reality show is beyond me).

Ben, please think with your brain and not your penis.  You screwed up once already — don’t do it again.  All you have to do is look at Courtney to know she is evil.  She will use you, abuse you, and toss you aside like yesterday’s leftovers.  Don’t be stupid.  Pick Lindzi!!!

BTW, can’t wait for Emily Maynard.  So funny to see Ali giving her advice when her relationship with Roberto ended badly.  Why do we still love these shows when they are so flawed? Don’t ask me, because I watch it every single week.  I guess it’s the optimist in me… or else it’s just good t.v.




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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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