What Happened to Todd Rundgren???

What in the world happened to Todd Rundgren.  Nobody would buy our tickets for last night and boy were they smart.  It was seriously the worst show I have ever seen, and I have seen some really bad shows.

I remember this sweet Todd Rundgren who sang songs from “Something/Anything”.  Remember “Hello It’s Me”? That was one of the best songs I have ever heard. Remember “I Saw the Light”? Loved it too.  “It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference” was another of my favorites.

Last night a very strange looking man with white hair on top and black hair underneath, ande a big pot belly, and very flabby arms came onto the stage.  Who was this man? Okay, okay… we’ve all aged, but I didn’t even recognize him.  The show was called “An Unpredictable Evening” and they weren’t kidding.  It was unpredictably terrible.  The band sounded like a bunch of kids playing in a garage without listening to each other or rehearsing.  I don’t know what songs they were playing, but none of them were any I had ever heard before and most of them seemed like very bad covers.

The scariest part is that a lot of people were really into it.  People were dancing, singing along, some even standing up to cheer at the end of every song.  I haven’t heard Todd Rundgren’s name in about 25 years, but obviously these people have.  Maybe he has a bunch of new albums that are sporting the horrible stuff he was playing last night.  I don’t know, and honestly, I am not interested enough to find out.

I will tell you this too though: we left after a few songs and went home to watch the Academy Awards.  I felt terribly about recommending a show to my husband that was not only awful, but relatively expensive too.  Sorry honey! You can pick the next show — I promise!

Funny enough though, I just went onto iTunes and bought “Hello It’s Me”.  It is fantastic! I played it for my daughter and she liked it too.  I completely recommend purchasing this song, whether you were or are a Todd fan or not.  It’s great.


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